Friday, November 17, 2017


It is not often I can find nothing to write about, even to the point of dredging up one of my 5200 plus old posts. I can often get ideas from other blogs or your comments. Today for some reason, not so much.

I have already written about looking ahead to the holidays and the fact I have another fun filled VA Hospital/Doctor's visit next week. Liz is off all next week and maybe she will take a break from her cleaning/cooking Thanksgiving ritual to go with me. :)

I am thinking about procrastinating a bit longer about putting my ancient old dog down. She (of course) is not getting any better, is blind and has a hard time moving at the age of 18. The whole prospect saddens me so much though, it is hard to do the right thing.

I wish I could write a cheery post about shaved legs and hose, but this blog has always been from the "heart" no pun intended, so I just can't. Plus I don't want to be "Debbie Downer" (I think I went to school with her.) So, I will say the sun is out, I have had my Cheerios and life is good.

There is no way, so many years ago when I started this journey, I would have thought I would end up here. I always thought I could put on my hose and heels and prance in front of a mirror and all would be well. It was for a day or a year until I started to go out in the world cross dressed and found I felt so natural I could not live without being a woman. It was about that time transgender began to be popularized and I began to consider the unthinkable...was I trans?

The rest, as they say was history and here I sit with hair down my back, my own breasts and hips starting to form. Exciting? You bet 'ya' but nothing to write home about everyday.

I guess I did have something to write about.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Back Again!

After a day of rest following my brisk day of activity, this old girl has rested and relaxed. Being retired, it was the perfect day to do so around here with the gray, raining cold weather we experienced all day yesterday.

It also provided me some time to think ahead to where Liz and I are headed soon and what I have to wear.

Interestingly, wardrobe has passed restrooms as the first thing I normally think about when I mentally plan my day. Of course blending is a major importance. This time of year too, I normally have a choice of leggings and/or jeans to wear and plenty of soft sweaters. Plus I still am planning a shopping trip centered around a generous gift card my daughter gave me for my birthday!

Plus, with the holidays upon us, it is time to plan ahead what I am going to wear for Liz and I's annual New Years Eve celebration at our usual Ohio Riverfront venue in downtown Cincinnati. New Years is always an extra special night for me because it marks the anniversary of when I took my first dosage of estrogen (HRT) and started this phase of my transgender woman journey in earnest. It was five years ago,not subtracting the six months I had to stop the process due to health reasons.

During the season too, there are extra LGBT events, planned plus my grand kids high school orchestra concerts to attend.

So, the season will be picking up for me soon with hopefully more great trans experiences to share with all of you here in Cyrsti's Condo! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Riding the Storm

Yesterday was one of those long days. I seemingly had something going on every hour on the hour.

First of all I had to make the hour trip to the Dayton/Springfield, Ohio area to take care of two VA appointments and do some much needed lawn work on my property.

I have a tendency to want to dress up a little bit more to go to my VA doctor appointments but simply couldn't with the work I had to do, so I had to let my makeup, hair etc carry the day.

It probably doesn't matter much except with my therapist who will mention my appearance, except to me of course and the confidence looking my best gives me.

Yesterday, outside of accomplishing what I wanted to do at the property, my stop at the VA hospital's coffee shop proved to be the most interesting. It seems, I have reached rock star status with the two women who run the shop on a regular basis. They always know my name and ask where have I been? Not wanting to be a total smart arse, I don't say roaming a hospital is not my fave sort of recreation! So I just said the truth, most of my appointments are built around Mental Health. The reason being is the Veterans Administration (while providing HRT transgender help) still channels all of it through Mental Health with an assist of an endocrinologist.

Without outing myself as transgender or bi-polar, I simply told them I was crazy, which for some reason they were entertained by. I must point out, there were no other patrons in line for all of this fun and games. Most importantly though, both of them didn't miss a beat with my pronoun usage. I was subjected to a liberal dose of "she and her" through the whole duration.

After finally getting my coffee, it was off to trans vet support group meeting time.

Nothing of real note happened there except a discussion of how difficult it was for some LGBT folks around the holidays who have been rejected by their families. In our small group, one transgender woman fits that mold and normally shares Thanksgiving dinner with a local LGBT group.

With that, the day was nearly over except for a "survival of the fittest" drive home through Dayton/Cincinnati rush hour traffic.

I am glad the day is over!

A Life in Gender Flux